Beijing Beiye Functional Materials Corporation (original name is Beijing Metallurgical Research Institute) was set up in 1960. It is located in Haidian district of Beijing. It takes 208 thousand square meter area and has asset of 240 million RMB in total. Furthermore, we have a Sales office, located in Chicago, USA, to serve all the American Customers.
      Beijing Beiye Functional Materials Corporation is one of the important industry bases in China for developing and producing metallic function material. The institute takes on advanced technics in researching, developing and manufacturing precision alloys (including soft magnetic alloys, permanent magnetic alloys, expansion alloys, elastic alloys, thermal bimetal alloys and resistance heating alloys), superalloys and stainless steels (including Ni-Cr steel series, deposit hardening steel series, martensite ageing steel series). Our products including as-cast master alloys, forgings, hot rolled pieces, cold rolled strips, cold drawn bars, cold drawn wires, precision castings, crystal/amorphous soft magnetic cores, mutual inductors and punched products. They have good quality and have been sold in domestic and international market.
     The institute has over 790 employees. Our employees are persons with various technical abilities and experiences. One third of our employees have been engaging in the work of researching and developing various new materials. We have accomplished over 500 scientific research tasks and over 300 products for state, provinces/cities, ministries and Shougang group since 1960. Many of them have filled up domestic blanks and some of them have attained international advanced level.
     The institute is completely equipped with advanced producing and testing facilities for researching, developing and manufacturing precision alloys. Many of our equipments were imported from developed countries, for example, 20 high cold rolling mill and DIL-TMA thermal expansion gauge (made by NETZSCH) from Germany, 500kg vacuum induction melting furnace and vertical bright annealing furnace from Austria , N-O gauge, RH404 hydrogen meter, JC600 atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS), model 810 material testing machine from the United State and SY8232 permagnag from Japan. The quality of our products is guaranteed by our high level employees and advanced equipments.
     The institute passed the international attestation of standard GBT190012000 idt ISO9001:2000 in October, 2001. Our quality policy is: ^Acclimatize ourselves to the market, everyone participates in, keep improving, be approved by customers ̄.
     The institute takes on a traditional symbiosis with Chinese famous universities, scientific research institutions. At the same time, the institute is also the practice teaching base of Tsinghua University and Science and Technology University of Beijing. By means of this mode, the institute has obtained plentiful and substantial results in developing high-tech industry, promoting the combination of production, study and research, forcing science and  technology products transform to productivity.
     The institute has won honor of keeping faith for 11 years and was appraised AA credit
level by bank.

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